Saturday, July 21, 2007

Harry Potter is Over

I can't believe it! I tried to make it last as long as I could, but evidently that wasn't very long. The Deathly Hallows is quite possibly my favorite book ever. Okay, no, it's not. It was still a very lovely and wonderful book and I am very sad that I'll never read another installment of Mr. Potter's life without knowing how the next one goes. The fact that this actually depresses me proves that I am, beyond any hope or reason, a huge nerd.


P.S. - I lied. I really do think The Deathly Hallows might be my favorite book ever. But please don't tell anybody.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Fabric Binge

Oh, my. I have just visited la grande-mère á Washington DC, and did not come home empty handed. We went to my favorite fabric store, G Street. The quality of the fabric is much higher then the Hancock's fare that is available to me, but sadly, so is the price. Oh, it's glorious, you should see it... imported silk brocades have a section all to themselves, and discontinued Chanel tweeds are spilling off the bolt. Of course, I didn't have enough dough for the classier end of the store, seeing as those exquisitely embroidered brocades clock in at around $60 a yard and the snowy Chanel tweeds around $120. Of course, I still managed to come home with six yards of considerably cheaper fabric, and I am as happy as any clam I've ever met.

I love when there are bugs in apparel, because that seems like the last place where the generally despised creepy crawlies would be. So, naturally, I was instantly attracted to this piece of quilting cotton tossed into the remnants pile. Dragonflies are my favorite bugs, and around this time of year they are everywhere. The teal and black are so vibrant together, I couldn't resist buying up everything left. There was 2 1/8 yards, which I hope is enough for a fitted button-down dress with short sleeves, because that is exactly what these little guys want to be. $3.88 (!) a yard.

My impression of most eyelet fabrics is not so favorable. I like eyelet fine in storebought clothing, although I don't have any myself, but for some reason it usually fails to appeal to me on the bolt. That is, of course, until I saw this stuff. It strikes me as very unusual, because the embroidered holes are worked into the printed flowers as opposed to being the only decorative element of the fabric. Besides, I have a well-documented and irrational love for flower silhouettes. This is definitely going to be an airy top, possibly with a wide yoke and functioning buttons. $10 a yard.

The print on the fabric reminds me of dandelions, and the green parts look like they were cut out of constructin paper. I don't know if you can tell from the pictures, but there is a subtle brocade woven into the fabric, so it is heavy enough to carry on into my fall wardrobe as well. This stuff is just begging to become a swishy knee-length circle skirt with a satin drawstring, I think. $20 a yard.

So there you have it. I will be floating blissfully on clouds of 100% cotton for a little while as I frantically run all of this through the sewing machine... siiiiigh. I love expensive fabric.


Monday, July 16, 2007

Current Etsy Favorites

I really should be vacuuming or cleaning the oven, or at the very least taking a shower. But I'm not. Instead I am posting on my fashion blog, although I don't know who would want to read about fashion from a girl wearing Felix the Cat pyjama pants and eating frosted Mini Wheats from the box. Well, anyways, since I haven't posted in a week, here a few things currently on my 'favorites' list at Etsy.

I love this frosted glass ring. It seems very weighty, but at the same time kind of insubstantial because of the fluid design and the fact that it's clear. It also comes in like a million other very pretty colors. $17, Waterfall.

This print, entitled "No Rain", makes me feel very happy. I like the cozy colors and the funny long-nosed collage people. $15, Yaelfran.

I can't think of one good reason that I don't own this already. $99, LaurenScruggs.

A pleasingly geometric necklace with a lovely, muted color scheme. $22, from Ambika of The Fray.

So there you have it. These are the things I will own as soon as I am not broke anymore. I guess I'll go do work now... sigh.


Monday, July 09, 2007

Valentino is the Love of My Life

... he really is.

Fur, brocade, gold lamé, flutter sleeves, glitter appliqués, ruching (my God, was there ruching)... Valentino has combined it all into one big, glamorous explosion. Again. And it is perfect, and I love him for it. I wouldn't necessarily wear any of these pieces, but that doesn't make them any less pleasing to look at. It is, after all, couture. Can't you picture Cruella DeVille in all of this? You know she at least has the white coat hanging in her closet, because I am pretty sure the collar is a baby polar bear. And she probably wore that gold dress to prom with, like, a matching headdress. These are not necessarily designs for the everyday woman, but I still love Valentino very much and with all of my heart. Seriously.


The New Boy

Ever since I evicted Christian Bale from the premises, this place is missing something. It is lacking a certain type of loveliness, the loveliness of the male variety. You know what that means, my friends- it is time to find a new resident boy-type to keep company with all of the Anthropologie dresses and attractively packaged makeup. After several seconds of deliberation, I have decided that John Krasinski is a perfect candidate for the job (assuming he can handle it). John Krasinski is undeniably cute and seems very amusing, or at least that's how he comes off on DVD commentary and when bantering with Conan O'Brien. He is also a lead on what is arguably the best sitcom currently on television, The Office. And, in addition to all of this, I just love his nose. I have a very bizarre thing about noses. I like funny-looking ones. Boys with big or awkwardly shaped noses are like puppies with one eyeball, sort of. So, it is with great pride I present to you Christian's temporary replacement, Mr. John Burke Krasinski. I found out his middle name on Wikipedia.

I couldn't find a good picture of The Jim Face, but this one is adorable enough, right?

So how does everybody feel about the new Male Representative in Charge of Being Handsome (That is the official title, by the way)? Now, I know he is no Christian Bale - I'm sorry, but Jim Halpert just doesn't measure up to Batman - but I still love Mr. Krasinski's geeky adorability. And also his nose. All opinions, suggestions, and tirades on your love for Christian, John, or other men of the Very Handsome variety are welcome and encouraged.


Friday, July 06, 2007

Well Played, Karl

I try to look at Karl Lagerfeld objectively. I really do. But sometimes it is difficult to see through layers of blinding annoyance. He is ridiculous in a way that is also kind of terrifying. Despite the fact that all of his white pony-tailed, fingerless-gloved dramatics are so silly, I can't help but be intimidated by a man who not only sits at the helm of one of the most prestigious couture houses ever, but also, as I am sure all of us have noted at one time or another, imitates Count Dracula's general demeanor with terrifying accuracy. Anyhow, as I said, I do try for objectivity in regards to Mr. Lagerfeld, and as far as Fall's couture is concerned, I have decided to throw him a little bone (Because I know he is totally waiting for my validation).
Here goes:
I rather like some of the coats.

I'm not a minimalist by any means, but I do like these clean lines. The first one appeals to me because of the saturated teal color, and the second because of its unusual texture and the ever-adorable button flaps. The third one I like because it is just a very nice-looking coat.

There. That wasn't so hard. But don't go thinking that me and Karl are going to be BFFs from now on just because of three attractively tailored coats. The other sixty four looks he gave us for Fall couture were the same old recycled natty tweeds and space-age madness that we've seen from him for the past... oh, I don't know, ever. So in conclusion, Karl Lagerfeld is still crazy. But he can make a nice coat sometimes. But he is still crazy.


Monday, July 02, 2007

La Pomme Noire

There is one particular seller on Etsy who I very much adore. Her name is Emily, but she masquerades as The Black Apple. Her paintings and prints are so truly lovely that I feel the need to add a prefix to my favorite adjective. They are super-lovely. As my dear friend Paige would say, "they make my heart smile." But enough of all the gushing. Let me just show you a few images, and you will see my point!

I am quite fond of these pictures' offbeat sweetness. And I adore the muted color palate! Those lovely dusty shades convey the perfect amount of surreal dreamy prettiness that I like in a painting. They are all just so cute! Perhaps too cute for some of you out there, but certainly not me. I mean, I'm not the kind of girl who hangs up kitten calendars in her bedroom, but I'm not one to resist letting out an elongated "awwwwww" when I see a little bitty hedgehog fishing with apples. I am planning on purchasing one or two of these prints myself and I highly recommend checking out her shop and her blog. The prints are each $13, and for some sets, $22. A small price to pay for all of that loveliness. Really.