Tuesday, September 08, 2009


get it HERE. Not journaling has been kind of driving me bonkers lately.

But Wordpress does it better, so there I am. Check it out, yeah?

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My Sentences Have no Subjects Today

New semester.


Don't feel like posting.

Haven't really been posting more often than twice a month anyway because I am a weenie.

Probably won't post again for some time, although whenever I say that I always post something the next day.


Why are you reading this? Don't you have some Daddy Likey or Black Apple or other less crappy fashion blogs to be reading instead?

Here is some Halpert. See you when I'm done hibernating.


Saturday, January 12, 2008

Current Etsy Favorites (Edition III)

I am at a loss for post ideas, so let's dip into my Etsy favorites, shall we?

This one just arrived in my mailbox, courtesy of Elegant Musings for $17. (Casey, the artist, also happens to keep a blog that is much more entertaining and frequently posted upon than my own, here.) This print is called "Heartstrings" and is ever so pleasing to look at. The intricacy of the drawing is exquisite, especially in the lady's dress. They seem such a shy couple, don't they?

These little bobby pins can be purchased from Foundling for $6 apiece. There is something irresistably romantic to me about fabric flowers as adornments for one's coiffure, and I particularly like this modern, simplistic take on the idea. I think these ruby-red ones would look especially striking, while the yellow, white, and pink varieties also available in the shop might provide an equally delightful but rather subtler contrast, especially to those with lighter hair. If you like the flower but are not fond of hair things, these come in the form of brooches as well.

I am in love with Etsy seller A Fanciful Twist's mixed-media dancers. This original, entitled "The Bird Girl Escapes" is available in her shop as I type this for $325, although surely is will be snapped up soon. I am sorely, sorely tempted to buy this myself, but I haven't enough money to spare, and so must be contented with prints. (I recieved one for Christmas, and I can vouch for their high quality- they are printed on canvas, even.) The newspaper skirts, the swirls of flowy hair, the unreal dust colors the artist uses, it all just makes you wish you lived in a dream, doesn't it?

This pretty little necklace is from Paper and Glue for $22. I love the pale vanilla icecream colors of buttons that have been used, and how the size of buttons gradates down from the big stripey one in the middle to the teensy tiny ones at the clasp. The shop is full of necklaces like this in several other color schemes, all of them completely original, and just as adorable as this one.

In other Etsy-related news, I might just be starting my own silly little store in the nearish future. I only recently registered as a seller, and I am still tinkering with the things to be sold, so don't expect anything too soon... but, for those of you who are interested, keep your eyeballs open.


Monday, December 31, 2007

2007: Better Than 2006

It is New Year's Eve, my dears! Tonight, we should all step out in four-inch heels, dance to cool music, drink champagne, and wear short little frocks like this:

Of course, I myself will be doing none of the above, as I will be at Paige's house with a bunch of our friends. For your information, we will probably play Twister, listen to some lame alterna-pop (All American Rejects, anyone?), and watch Disney Channel. I will be wearing some ancient jeans with a patch in the butt and some three- or four-year-old Chuck Taylors, paired tastefully with a gray tank top, which is cut in such a way that it inevitably reveals my bra straps every time I wear it. Yeah, I'm pretty sure tonight is going to be a blast.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

I know, I have been horribly negligent.
Here is a pretty shoe:

Steve Madden, $70.

Merry Christmas!


Saturday, December 08, 2007

Karen Walker

I was thoroughly let down by most of what designers had to offer for spring. All the shows were long ago and I have yet to write up a single one. However, there is a certain designer who has been getting better and better as the seasons progress- Karen Walker. I am quite fond of her superhero-inspired fall collection and have taken liberal amounts of inspiration from it when getting dressed in the past months:

I didn't like the collection quite enough at the time to write a post about it, but now, looking back through it, I wish I had. Piled-on neutrals interspersed with delightful shots of electric colors and patterns... an absolutely ideal fall wardrobe. Anyhow, I digress. What I really want to talk about is her spring collection. Take a look:

This is exactly the sort of stuff I like... A flippy denim miniskirt and argyle cardigan paired with menacing black boots; a hastily belted pink taffeta prom dress; a diamond patterned sweater tucked into a short tattered skirt. You'd think the whole girly-with-a-spin thing should be really tired, but Karen Walker took that and made it new again, and I totally love her for it. This collection is just so boppy and pleasant and now I can't wait for spring!


Monday, November 26, 2007

Madeline's Selfish Wishlist

The Christmas season is officially upon us. Thanksgiving is past, Halloween was long ago, and now it is time to think in terms of mistletoe and cinnamon. I am trying my very hardest to get my holiday shopping out of the way as soon as I can, as I do not want to be making any Christmas eve runs to Barnes & Noble this year. So far, I have gotten two of my nearest and dearest their presents, so that leaves approximately... well, the rest. Anyway, all of the generosity expended at this time of year tends to wear me out, so I will compile an indulgent little wishlist of my own. Perhaps some eagle eyed friends or relatives of mine will spy it and take the hint? (I know, I'm shameless.)