Sunday, December 31, 2006

Goodbye, 2006! See you in Hell.

I realize that in the three months I have been running this blog, I have posted only eleven times. Eleven! Quite frankly, this is a measly sum, and it will simply not do. And 'tis the season for resolutions, non? So, in this spirit, I formally resolve to post twice a week. Or at least once. It's not like I've got anything better to do, right? And now, without further ado, the perfect New Year's Eve outfit:
Happy New Year!

(From top: French Connection, Coach, Jalda)

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Can you name the three wise men? 'Cause I sure can't.

Christmas was surprisingly subdued at my house this year, considering the fact that my entire dad's side of the family feels the need to migrate back here every year for dinner, thus ensuring that I have never had a cleaning-free December 24 from the first time I could handle a vacuum. But Christmas morning was as lovely as usual. I just have such fun getting my family presents and watching them be opened, it's just, oh! I love it. My brother Bo, who has Down's Syndrome so he loves television, was nearly overcome with emotion when he unwrapped the first season of The Simpsons. My mom seriously wanted socks, so I got her a pair of the fanciest ones I could find as a remedy for her perpetually cold feet. My dad is a huge geek and once admitted to me that he likes Batman, so I went out on a search of oddessic proportions to find a compilation book of the original comics, and I did. My sister is majoring in marine biology, so I got her a calendar of old woodblock drawings showing different types of sea creatures, some of which are disected. My little brother is my little brother, so I got him a copy of the only Captain Underpants book that he does not own. And I myself recieved:

(from my parents)
- A pink ipod because I haven't had a portable music player since I was seven and lost my walkman
- A gray and white batwing sweater
- Several DVDs (Wayne's World, 10 Things I Hate About You, Pee Wee's Big Adventure, Pirates of the Carribean 2, Breakfast Club)
- A set of new pyjamas

(from my siblings)
- A VHS of two old Pee Wee's Playhouse episodes from my little brother Jacob
- A book of sewing and pattern making shortcuts from big sister Claire, who hates to hear me say the word "houndstooth"

(from my grandparents)
- A bottle of Miss Dior Cherie
- A very warm homeknit scarf in fire engine red

All in all, Santa brought me a good haul this year. Merry freakin' materialistic Christmas to you.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

And a Merry Christmas to you.

This is Chrismtas Eve, and I feel that a Christmassy post is in order. It will not be about fashion, because Christmas and fashion really do not mix, and they shouldn't. I tend to not leave my house on Christmas if I can avoid it, as I am busy wearing watching White Christmas and not brushing my hair. December should be a break from fashion, a time when what you're wearing is really a moot point because you're only around your completely unfashionable family anyway, and they don't give a damn, and plus it's totally cold out. Besides, who worries about stuff like that on Jesus's birthday? So here's a list of totally unfashionable things you need to enjoy tomorrow.

#1: Tim Burton

#2: Sweatpants
J Crew, $40
Victoria's Secret, $16

#3: Merchandise

#4: Good ol' Bing

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Survey Time

I've long wondered why views on stores such as American Eagle, Aeropostale, and other shops of that ilk are so polarized. Most people with whom I have discussed the subject either despise them or buy nowhere else. I understand why people would have an aversion to shopping at these places; the twee little eagle that AE sticks on every damn piece of fabric to pass through their stores is terribly overexposed. But the logo does not diminish the quality of the clothing or, indeed, the prettiness. I admit, internet; I have a weakness for American Eagle. Their base palatte of rich, velvety darks is what gets me. Nowhere will you find midnight blues velvetier, or such flawless shades of plum. That's why I only buy their solid color basics, like clingy long sleeved shirts or thin cableknit sweaters. Both of which, by the way, look really great under a boxy blazer. But I digress. Care to share your personal stance on Abercrombie, Hollister, et al? I'm really curious as to what all you fashion bloggers think of this.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Headbands: A ray of hope for flat headed girls

I've never been a lady for hair accessories. I've tried time and time again, but the bows slip and the pins tumble to the floor, leaving my hair in a lusterless, unaccesorized curtain. Terribly heart wrenching, I know. And I'd never even considered headbands, for the simple reason that the top of my head is flat. (Like, balance-your-soda-on-it flat. Thankfully nobody notices until they make me wear a hat or put my hood up.) However, on a recent shopping trip with my sister, we were in Urban Outfitters, admiring the lovely selection of headbands, and Claire just insisted I try one. She's been on a headband kick herself these days, and she happens to look painfully adorable in them, so I conceded. And lo and behold, it looked totally cute! How strange. At any rate, it was an overpriced teal wool thing that I bought anyways because it just looked so damn cute. So, in conclusion, if any of you ladies out there have the same troubles I do, the headband is really a great and inexpensive remedy to the situation.


(From top: Delias, J Crew, Urban Outfitters.)