Sunday, December 24, 2006

And a Merry Christmas to you.

This is Chrismtas Eve, and I feel that a Christmassy post is in order. It will not be about fashion, because Christmas and fashion really do not mix, and they shouldn't. I tend to not leave my house on Christmas if I can avoid it, as I am busy wearing watching White Christmas and not brushing my hair. December should be a break from fashion, a time when what you're wearing is really a moot point because you're only around your completely unfashionable family anyway, and they don't give a damn, and plus it's totally cold out. Besides, who worries about stuff like that on Jesus's birthday? So here's a list of totally unfashionable things you need to enjoy tomorrow.

#1: Tim Burton

#2: Sweatpants
J Crew, $40
Victoria's Secret, $16

#3: Merchandise

#4: Good ol' Bing


Alice said...

I will definitely be enjoying these things tomorrow, in between worshipping our Savior, of course.

molly said...

what a great day...

Carissa said...

You stay home on Christmas? Christmas warrants dressing up and feasts of fantastic authentic Italian cooking in my family. That must be rather nice to just unwind and open gifts on Christmas though.

ambika said...

Those green sweats look totally comfy. And what an enviable list of gifts!