Saturday, October 06, 2007

Current Etsy Favorites (Edition II)

Okay, guys, so here's the problem:

I love Etsy more than is good for me. I can spend full hours just scrolling through all of the lovely and wonderful things Etsy has to offer, made by lovely and wonderful people all over the world, and wishing that I had a real job to fund my obsession (Nobody will hire me until I am sixteen unless I want to spend twenty hours a week making snow cones, which I don't. If you have never assembled a snow cone in your life, take it from me: you don't want to either). Also, I have just switched my bed into a different room in the attic, and this room has so many interesting angles on the walls and wonderful nooks and crannies in which to place works of art, that my Etsy addiction has become worse than ever... I will see a beautiful/cute/witty print, and think, "Oh, my! But how lovely that picture would look above my nightstand, in between the little chipped-up angel and the window!" Then I will click the "add to cart" button in my fit of consumerism before realizing that, wait, no, I'm broke. Sigh. Well anyways, here are my favorite Etsy people right now:

This chick lives right here in my home state of Virginia, a fact which I was quite pleased to discover; this means that anything I order from her arrives post-haste. The jewelry available here is made mostly from vintage things put together in sweet and interesting ways. I love this necklace of hers, called Rat a Tat:

I don't know why, honestly. I have mentioned before that I like jewelry or apparel adorned with icky creatures, and little crystal-eyed rats are no exception. When I told my mom I was thinking of buying it, she said, and I quote, "Ew. Why?" So it looks like my loved ones are not ready for this particular gem, but if yours are, it is $42. (On a side note, a different package I ordered from Acolloquist arrived recently, and I am so happy! It was in a tiny white box with a red ribbon tied around it, and a little pin-back button with an octopus on it was tucked away in there too. Awww!)


Elsita's shop offers a lot of really cool, sweet, graphic prints (She also does little toys which are very cute, but I'm mostly interested in the prints). These images are so strange, but somehow familiar, and so soft despite their definite lines. As soon as I have more money, I think I will be ordering this one:

I like the soft, dusty colors, and how the anatomical heart, which might usually seem rather creepy and macabre, is rendered to look like a patched-up stuffed animal. It is 8.5" x 11" and costs $20.


Like Acolloquist, this store sells jewelry composed of vintage materials, but the aesthetic is very different. The jewelry here all has a vaguely archaic feeling to it, if archaic is the word I want. As if it could be found among the posessions of a wealthy, slightly crazy, Victorian woman, or something.

Since the moment I laid eyes on it, I have been unable to forget this necklace. It is as if it was made just for me! Of course, this can't be true, because if it had been made just for me, it would cost zero dollars instead of fifty-eight. Sigh. But if any of you ducks out there are lucky enough to have the means to purchase this and not feel guilty, do it. Do it for me and think of me each time you wear it. And if you ever get sick of wearing it, feel free to send it my way. I'll totally take it off your hands.

I think we've all heard enough of me complaining about how poor I feel. But seriously, though, if you like cool handmade stuff but still haven't gotten into Etsy, what is wrong with you? That is basically the moral of this post. Okay, bye guys.


Friday, October 05, 2007

Sorry, three people who read my blog

Yeah, sorry about the postlessness lately. I'll try and be better, promise. But we just got a new compy, and it has quite rudely increased the difficulty with which I can post pictures. Now I can't copy the picture directly from the source, I have to save it first and then select it from my personal files and WHATEVER. I do NOT have that kind of time, New Compy. FOR SHAME. And besides that, every time I start to write a new post, my ramblings kind of run dry about five minutes in, and I start thinking about everything I should be doing instead of tooling around on my lame fashion blog that only like three people read anyway (Because naturally I write this for the fame and fortune that inevitably comes to everybody with a blog). Anyways, I have a buttload of homework lately and I've been stitching up a homecoming dress for my friend in between all of my other projects and in the meantime sorta-maybe trying to start up an Etsy shop, so my little corner of the Internet has been getting a little dusty as of late. Insert the usual promise about more posts and more fashiony business and blah blah blah John Krasinski is cute.