Tuesday, October 31, 2006

These Days

I found Chloé's newest collection to be very charming. It kind of reminded me of The Royal Tenenbaums, in a weird way. The color palette was so cozy: all comforting browns put with muted shades of peach and mint. Then, they mixed the colors with recognizable shapes in the first part of the show for a nostalgic, almost melancholy, effect. In the second part they used more delicate fabrics and it was more lady than schoolgirl but I think it still looked kind of fey. All in all, I rather liked it and could find little fault. Although, I did dislike the shots of electric blue that they tried to introduce here and there. It didn't look good, and it upset the effortless fluidity of the show. I think the blue things would've been pretty on their own, but they weren't right for this atmosphere. And yeah, I know everybody thinks Chloé is a one trick pony, but I happen to like this particular trick. All in all, I kind of adore Chloé and you should too stupid.


Oh, and p.s.- What was up with the sensible shoes? That pissed me off a little too. But otherwise, yeah, pretty great.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Gucci's not so bad anymore

I'm really digging Gucci's S/S line right now. I think its really nice when designers have a very distinct common thread in their shows. For Gucci, this thread was bold geometric patterns in saturated reds and purples paired with really cool, 60's influenced shift dresses, a la Mia Farrow in Rosemary's Baby. I also liked how they used some folky looking prints in the same colors. Different look, but still kinda flowed. The only things I really didn't like was the fact that, goddammit, why do you people always put your models in those big ass sunglasses? Someday when VH1 does an "I Love The 00's" special they are going to have a whole segment about that shit and our kids will laugh like hell.

Despite this, I'm thinking that that's the best show I've looked at so far this season. However, I've still got quite a few to wade through on Style.com, so, my pretties, that's all for now.


Friday, October 27, 2006

Diamonds Where There Once Were Stars

So I've been lacking in the bling department lately, seeing as I haven't gotten any new jewelry in two years, unless you count additions to my maddeningly jangly charm bracelet. As a result of my diamond deficiency, I've been eyeing every glinty thing I see with a hunger in my eye, and it has reduced me to hunting on the compy for hours at a time, searching for the perfect bangle that I will never actually purchase. But, if you're interested, here are the fruits of my sparkle-fueled lust hunt:

I find this ring to be exceedingly fly. It's kitsch at its classiest, but also a little tough because of the textured setting. I can see it with a pair of beat up 'Roos and a slinky sweater, but I think it could also be reasonably paired with a short black frock and some closed toe mary janes. At any rate, it can be found at pixelgirlshop.com for $250.

Okay, I know the whole nautical thing is kind of played out, but I had to put this on here because I love the website for its item descriptions, which are kind of hilarious and they remind me of how a large majority of my male relatives talk. And you can't tell from this picture, but the anchor is freaking huge. Can't you just see this big ass anchor weighing your neck down while you're waiting for the bus? Wear it with a v-neck and you're gonna to be noticed, that's for sure. From Sailor Jerry for $60.

And of course, any post about jewelry would be a farce and a travesty without our favorite gal Tiffany. You can find this lovely, lovely little thing on their website for a mere $15,500. Despite the outrageous pricetag, you must admit... oo la la, right? I can see it clinging to my wrist, catching the light exquisitely in some chic art gallery somewhere... sigh...

So, happy lusting, all you magpies! Much love,

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Wooo! I love the bandwagon!

So I've finally broken down and started a fashion blog, as seems to be the obligatory for fourteen year old girls with a penchant for Chloe and nothing better to do. Besides, the fashion blogging community has always sort of intrigued me - one part condescension, two parts bitchiness. Which I love. So, I was thinking, why shouldn't I try and maybe get in on this little covenent of underage fashionistas? It would be fun. I like reading your guys' blogs, maybe you'll like reading mine. If you don't, I will quietly retreat from the Interweb in a cloud of embarrassment.

Much love,