Thursday, October 26, 2006

Wooo! I love the bandwagon!

So I've finally broken down and started a fashion blog, as seems to be the obligatory for fourteen year old girls with a penchant for Chloe and nothing better to do. Besides, the fashion blogging community has always sort of intrigued me - one part condescension, two parts bitchiness. Which I love. So, I was thinking, why shouldn't I try and maybe get in on this little covenent of underage fashionistas? It would be fun. I like reading your guys' blogs, maybe you'll like reading mine. If you don't, I will quietly retreat from the Interweb in a cloud of embarrassment.

Much love,

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*emma* said...

judging by your profile and first post, this blog will grow to be really cool. i like your style of writing!
check out me blog if you like