Friday, October 27, 2006

Diamonds Where There Once Were Stars

So I've been lacking in the bling department lately, seeing as I haven't gotten any new jewelry in two years, unless you count additions to my maddeningly jangly charm bracelet. As a result of my diamond deficiency, I've been eyeing every glinty thing I see with a hunger in my eye, and it has reduced me to hunting on the compy for hours at a time, searching for the perfect bangle that I will never actually purchase. But, if you're interested, here are the fruits of my sparkle-fueled lust hunt:

I find this ring to be exceedingly fly. It's kitsch at its classiest, but also a little tough because of the textured setting. I can see it with a pair of beat up 'Roos and a slinky sweater, but I think it could also be reasonably paired with a short black frock and some closed toe mary janes. At any rate, it can be found at for $250.

Okay, I know the whole nautical thing is kind of played out, but I had to put this on here because I love the website for its item descriptions, which are kind of hilarious and they remind me of how a large majority of my male relatives talk. And you can't tell from this picture, but the anchor is freaking huge. Can't you just see this big ass anchor weighing your neck down while you're waiting for the bus? Wear it with a v-neck and you're gonna to be noticed, that's for sure. From Sailor Jerry for $60.

And of course, any post about jewelry would be a farce and a travesty without our favorite gal Tiffany. You can find this lovely, lovely little thing on their website for a mere $15,500. Despite the outrageous pricetag, you must admit... oo la la, right? I can see it clinging to my wrist, catching the light exquisitely in some chic art gallery somewhere... sigh...

So, happy lusting, all you magpies! Much love,


Anonymous said...

Love the lego ring.

S said...

i agree, the lego ring is very cute, but i'd like it in another colour... like pink?

Maddy said...

It does come in pink, and it's equally snazzy.

coco said...

my graphics teacher at school was obsessed with lego and i think he would faint if he saw that ring. it is gorgous though.