Friday, November 17, 2006

Don't be a sissy

Of late, it appears that women's fashion is not nearly as tough as it should be. We've got vampy, sure. Just look at the platforms that have taken the runways, not to mention the abrasive and ever-present trend of patent leather. But vampy and tough are different. The former is for the femme fatales, the sexpots. The latter is for those with guts and style, an intimidating combination. The thing is, if one wishes to play with the boys, one must occasionally dress the part. I just happen to be of the opinion that one may do so while still retaining their femininity, and here a few things that prove it.

I like this skirt. It's distinctly feminine because of the sharp cut, which would flatter any figure. And when you put a sharp cut with a dark plaid, you get a vaguely punky and rather delicious combination. JCrew, $128.

I'm really digging dark purple nail polish right now. It's like black in its slight wickedness, but classier and free of any connotations that might make you shy away from black. If you're not as keen on the color purple as I am (which would be very) you might want to give burgandy a try. It's like the red nails that are so in vogue right now, but the bluer undertones make it more grown-up. Nail polish from any old brand is fine, but O.P.I. is nicest.

Any discussion about stylish rough-and-tumble would be a travesty without mentioning my current obsession, Sailor Jerry. I think the website puts it best in their description: "These shirts look so fricking good you could buy yourself one and tell your boyfriend to consider it a birthday present." Indeed. $10,

A plain man's roundface watch can look rather sexy in a businesslike sort of way when sitting slightly loose on a thin, feminine wrist. This one isn't terriblly loud, and the stainless steel finish is rather timeless. From Guess for $95.

Come on, ladies. I think it's about time we start kicking way more ass, don't you?


Saturday, November 11, 2006

You've got me in your pocket

Here's what I love: Dresses with pockets. They are so carefree and fresh. And, okay, maybe not for winter, but who knows; the right girl could pull them off with some soft little jazz shoes and wool tights, right? Or maybe not. But I want one even though I'd be too chicken to wear it.

This one's all clean and scruffy and nice. It's just made for peach blush and a stack of jangly gold bangles. I say go for it. And for $24.50, why not? From Wet Seal, a store of which I am not a regular. However, they do occasionally come out with a winner, as demonstrated at left.

This dress makes pockets all classy, in a coy, ironic kind of way. Rather sexy. The from the iconic Diane VonFurstenberg for $465.

This one is sooo sweet. It could make anybody look like a total Betty. How pretty would this be with marroon stockings and a pair of trusty (very) dusty Chucks? And for some reason it just calls for an umbrella. Because that's how my mind works. Looks like yet another score for Anthropologie, $298.

So that's another trend that I'm not brave enough to wear. But it would be nice... no more fear of misplacing your clutch, because your phone will always be at your side.


Sunday, November 05, 2006

Those were the days

Whatever happened to the ultra-feminine, matchy-matchy type days of yore? I miss the original red carpet style. The type that wasn't all sleek dresses and shiny lip gloss. I miss the kind that was teal ballroom gowns with insane cleavage and matte lipstick, the kind that you have to pry off with a spatula if you ever want to see your real mouth again. Okay, so maybe we shouldn't bring that particular style standard back, but you know what I mean.

First, matching your shoes with your handbag:

Not casual wear by any means. I do not advocate doing this for everyday at all. But for evening, it would be nice to occasionally see that look being trotted around. And it doesn't have to be so matching, just the same color scheme.

Second, accordian pleats:

I adore accordian pleats, and I always have. I have no idea why. I mean, you have to iron the pleats back in whenever you've sat on them for a long time, which is kind of a hassle. But something always brings me back to accordian pleats. So lovely and classy. Pintucks will do for you lower maintainence fashionistas.

Third, peep-toe flats:

Something about peep toe flats is so Nancy Drewishly preppy and cool. Peep-toe platforms have come back in a big way, but alas, despite a rave about them in Lucky last spring, their flat counterparts have stayed in the shadows. You can be sure that as soon as it's warm again, I'll be sliding into a pair of these like there's no tomorrow.

So these are the olden-days trends I like. Bring them back, I say!


(From top: Sigerson Morrison, Urban Outfitters, and Nanette Lepore.)