Saturday, November 11, 2006

You've got me in your pocket

Here's what I love: Dresses with pockets. They are so carefree and fresh. And, okay, maybe not for winter, but who knows; the right girl could pull them off with some soft little jazz shoes and wool tights, right? Or maybe not. But I want one even though I'd be too chicken to wear it.

This one's all clean and scruffy and nice. It's just made for peach blush and a stack of jangly gold bangles. I say go for it. And for $24.50, why not? From Wet Seal, a store of which I am not a regular. However, they do occasionally come out with a winner, as demonstrated at left.

This dress makes pockets all classy, in a coy, ironic kind of way. Rather sexy. The from the iconic Diane VonFurstenberg for $465.

This one is sooo sweet. It could make anybody look like a total Betty. How pretty would this be with marroon stockings and a pair of trusty (very) dusty Chucks? And for some reason it just calls for an umbrella. Because that's how my mind works. Looks like yet another score for Anthropologie, $298.

So that's another trend that I'm not brave enough to wear. But it would be nice... no more fear of misplacing your clutch, because your phone will always be at your side.



Carissa said...

Its a practical trend, I like it in the form of a jumper. But yes, it is difficult to make dresses with pockets work in cooler weather. They just seem so summer carefree..

missc said...

I love pockets on anything. They make anything fabulous.
The Diane dress is gorgeous, I would like it very much.

molly said...

ohhh emm gee, i adore that first one!

and i definitely will oblige the sexual desire for prince part in my new post!

Alison said...

omg i love that anthro dress, so pretty and cute! awesome blog :)

Isabel said...

Those pocket dresses are adorable! I'll definitely reciprocate your link.

Flashy_Shades said...

wow, i might have to go straight to anthropologie after work!

ambika said...

My gosh! You did cover this! And what a cute Anthropologie dress. Well, I'll just conclude that great minds think alike :)