Sunday, November 05, 2006

Those were the days

Whatever happened to the ultra-feminine, matchy-matchy type days of yore? I miss the original red carpet style. The type that wasn't all sleek dresses and shiny lip gloss. I miss the kind that was teal ballroom gowns with insane cleavage and matte lipstick, the kind that you have to pry off with a spatula if you ever want to see your real mouth again. Okay, so maybe we shouldn't bring that particular style standard back, but you know what I mean.

First, matching your shoes with your handbag:

Not casual wear by any means. I do not advocate doing this for everyday at all. But for evening, it would be nice to occasionally see that look being trotted around. And it doesn't have to be so matching, just the same color scheme.

Second, accordian pleats:

I adore accordian pleats, and I always have. I have no idea why. I mean, you have to iron the pleats back in whenever you've sat on them for a long time, which is kind of a hassle. But something always brings me back to accordian pleats. So lovely and classy. Pintucks will do for you lower maintainence fashionistas.

Third, peep-toe flats:

Something about peep toe flats is so Nancy Drewishly preppy and cool. Peep-toe platforms have come back in a big way, but alas, despite a rave about them in Lucky last spring, their flat counterparts have stayed in the shadows. You can be sure that as soon as it's warm again, I'll be sliding into a pair of these like there's no tomorrow.

So these are the olden-days trends I like. Bring them back, I say!


(From top: Sigerson Morrison, Urban Outfitters, and Nanette Lepore.)


S said...

im not really into the whole match this to that type of thing, but i love if say, you're wearing a striped shirt, and it has a tiny a stripe of green or something, and then have a green bag or shoes looks cute. otherwise, i think the outfit looks to planned.

Maddy said...

I only like the matching shoes/bag look for evening. It looks much more pulled together to me. Otherwise, your shoes and your bag should definitely not be the same color.

Anonymous said...

I definitely have an accordian pleat fetish as well. They're so 40s-ish.

Style Scout said...

The skirt is really pretty!

molly said...

Wow, I'd never before seen accordian skirts in the right light.

I'm em.

molly said...

Yeah, I wish I could. I've been hassling my parents to get Comedy Central.
So for my news fills, I just glance at the Sympatico MSN news thing that comes up after I check my email.
Or I go to a celebrity blog.

Yeah, my 'big family' (cousins, grandparents, aunts, uncles) are 'REpublican like whoah" too. It's a bit irritating, as I'm very liberal. My parents wouldn't even let me watch the JonBenet coverage on Fox news. They're like "It's biased!"

Sarah said...

although i think red is getting too much attention right now, i am quite attracted to those flats.

*emma* said...

oh, i totally forgot breakfast at tiffany's! damn. what is wrong with me?

and of course, edward scissorhands is a frickin' classic.

excellent skirt.

molly said...

No I definitely wouldn't mind tellin you...I'm not so sure I understand myself. I had S explain it to me.
This is what I remember:
You create a new post and post the picture you want. Then click over to HTML and then copy-paste that into your template (then you delete the new post)
I hope that helps! Let me know if you need more clarification.

alison said...

pleating is so pretty. good post :)

Carissa said...

Peep toe flats are fantastic! I have a pair of black peep toe suede wedges (just one inch, so they're pretty much flats) and they are one of my favorite pairs of shoes ever. Theres something about them that is so polite and demure.

Candid Cool said...

i sometimes do the matching shoes with bag, esp. when it comes to a crocodile piece.