Saturday, September 15, 2007

A New Bag for a New Year

My blogging has been rudely interrupted by the reappearance of school into my schedule. Sigh. How annoying. Fortunately, it's looking like I may have more success as a sophomore than as a freshman- cuter boys, higher level French, no more Great Expectations, fewer apprehensions about wearing knee socks, etcetera. However, despite these minor perks, school is still school, and I will therefore be spending most of my time amidst the unwashed miscreants (if I may borrow a phrase from Julia Stiles) who walk those hallowed halls in Uggs and Abercrombie than all of my lovely fellow bloggers. Expect more as the school year progresses- I think that this might be an interesting one.

Here is the school bag. Seems to be holding up pretty well so far, knock on wood (it's much fatter when stuffed full of books).

Here is my beloved new hat. I am dying for an opportunity to wear it. I'm thinking I'll wear it with sparkly tights, an accordian pleat skirt, and an all-encompassing navy blue pea coat for a delightfully dramatic ensemble. Of course, the aforementioned unwashed miscreants at my school would never appreciate the ensemble, but they can suck it because they wouldn't know fly if it bit them on the nose.

So yeah. I'm off for the weekend to see my cousin's adorable baby Charlotte get babtised. And by the way, isn't Charlotte the prettiest name? I think it is one of my very favorite girl names, right up there with Adelaide and Piper and Emma. Well bye!


p.s.- I feel as though I look very silly in both of these pictures. Sorry about my lack of camera wielding skills.