Friday, November 17, 2006

Don't be a sissy

Of late, it appears that women's fashion is not nearly as tough as it should be. We've got vampy, sure. Just look at the platforms that have taken the runways, not to mention the abrasive and ever-present trend of patent leather. But vampy and tough are different. The former is for the femme fatales, the sexpots. The latter is for those with guts and style, an intimidating combination. The thing is, if one wishes to play with the boys, one must occasionally dress the part. I just happen to be of the opinion that one may do so while still retaining their femininity, and here a few things that prove it.

I like this skirt. It's distinctly feminine because of the sharp cut, which would flatter any figure. And when you put a sharp cut with a dark plaid, you get a vaguely punky and rather delicious combination. JCrew, $128.

I'm really digging dark purple nail polish right now. It's like black in its slight wickedness, but classier and free of any connotations that might make you shy away from black. If you're not as keen on the color purple as I am (which would be very) you might want to give burgandy a try. It's like the red nails that are so in vogue right now, but the bluer undertones make it more grown-up. Nail polish from any old brand is fine, but O.P.I. is nicest.

Any discussion about stylish rough-and-tumble would be a travesty without mentioning my current obsession, Sailor Jerry. I think the website puts it best in their description: "These shirts look so fricking good you could buy yourself one and tell your boyfriend to consider it a birthday present." Indeed. $10,

A plain man's roundface watch can look rather sexy in a businesslike sort of way when sitting slightly loose on a thin, feminine wrist. This one isn't terriblly loud, and the stainless steel finish is rather timeless. From Guess for $95.

Come on, ladies. I think it's about time we start kicking way more ass, don't you?



Carissa said...

I was at J.Crew yesterday eyeing that same skirt! Its tough, but could be worn in an office setting if done correctly. Purple nail polish is all a current love of mine.

Tru said...

I <3 that skirt

Alison said...

yay for purple nailpolish!

maya said...

i really love the skirt
and the nail varnish