Friday, January 19, 2007

The Good Old Days of Uncomfortable Fashion

What happened to the distinctly feminine silhouette achieved through the use of bone-crushing corsets and billowing skirts? When did serious ball gowns start to go out of style to be traded in for the slimmer shape we know today? It must've happened at some point in the nineteenth century, or early twentieth... I suppose marveling at the fashion mysteries of bygone days is a bit of a moot point for a fashionista in the Age of Technology, but still, I'm curious.


(Dresses by Bottega Veneta)


S. said...

Gosh, those are gorgeous without looking ostentatious. I'd absolutely love to wear a gown without looking like an iced cupcake.

btw, I'm going to link you when I update next week.

coco said...

wow i love the top one.
people never seem to wear gowns anymore. they have long dresses but no one really goes all out and does big glamour with nipped in waists.