Tuesday, January 02, 2007

He made paintings out of urine, people. Urine!

I am so, so sick of typical mod icons, such as Edie Sedgewick. It's gotten to the point that whenever I see a person wearing black and white stripes, whether inspired by the infamous Factory Girl or not, I want to shoot them in the kneecaps. Oh, and god knows you don't want to get me started on Andy Warhol. Not only have the fashionistas reembraced this talenteless hack, but the hipsters have picked up the trend as well, albeit a little late. I'm not even going to go into his lack of artistic merit, because on this subject I could elaborate for days (He was totally the poor man's Duchamp), but I do wish to address the general public thusly: I'm okay with it if you like Andy Warhol. But must you insist upon wearing Andy Warhol?


To all you Warholians: please don't be offended. I am just very opinionated, as the name of my blog implies. It doesn't lessen my opinion of you if you are a fan of he and his Factory, so don't get all huffy.



Alice said...

I don't really think it's cool to shit on Warhol, but I am totally over Edie. She was profiled in ElleGirl like, 3 years ago. Totally stale style icon.

Carissa said...

My God, I don't think I could agree with you more. I have never liked Warhol or Edie, I think they are both vastly overrated and undertalented.

molly said...

I like Andy Warhol, but I agree he and Edie are majorly overrated.
Though I would carry that banana bag as a tip of the hat to the Velvet Underground, whom I enjoy.

S. said...

For many people Warhol is the most easily recognizable contemporary artist. I think wearing this stuff has more to do with that than anything. It says I like art (but it means I won't try to hard to find it)

Go seek art that is not as exposed as this!

molly said...

yesss lemon demon is great i have a friend whos totally obsessed with them

Moi said...

i gotta say the bag looks like a rotten banana.

maya said...

i do love love love andy warhol but the only thing i would wear out of all that would be the bag
which is just too col for school
do you want to trade links?

Robert Vandenbego said...

Hi! Your blog is very original, really I like it.
Happy New Year!

Robert Vandenbego

maya said...

i linked you on rebel

molly said...

umm, the grateful dead almost named themselves "mythical ethical icicle tricycle", which is awesome and technically never been used.

im someone whos really bad at coming up with awesome band names.

he could try the dictionary and just find fun words to piece together. thats what i would do.

Cool Like Chloe said...

i think theyre overrated but edies still cute. lol when i was really little and i saw his soup can art at the met, i thought he was some crazy 80 year old guy who looked like a cross between albert einstein and winston churchill. i know i was a wierd child.

morgan said...

thanks for the post!
i agree with the whole neutral thing at gap, which is their current campagin. i think gap is a great store for your basic white tees and such, but you can't deny a great deal!

cute blog, you're pretty funny

ps: i'll add your blog to my list of links!

couturemechanel said...

i dont enjoy warhol or edie except for his fashion sketches. i dont value your opinion on karl or your fashion sense.

couturemechanel said...

thanks and im sorry if i offended you. thanks, actually, because you inspired me to write en entire post about karl! but i was curious to your opinion: why dont you enjoy monsieur karl?

Marissa said...

While I am a fan of Andy Warhol and Edie Sedgewick, talking about them and reading blog posts about them has gotten heinously boring. The popularity, you have to admit is ironic though, and just makes his art more prevalent. NO MORE POSTS ABOUT UNORIGINAL THINGS PLEASE SUCH AS THE FACTORY!WE ARE ALL SICK OF THEM!

Lulu Fruitloops said...

i like warhol and the factory intrugues me, but i got really mad when everyone else started pivking up on it.
and i hate those balck and white stripes.
so basically, this whole recent craze has totally killefd the factory for me.

Model Citzen said...

so did you check out the movie? I hear its a mess.