Friday, January 12, 2007

La Musique

I am well aware that this is a fashion blog, but for the moment, I can find little to speak of fashion-wise. And so, for lack of anything else of interest, I suppose I will write about music. Not that I am particularly well informed on the subject; I just have nothing better to do since my plans have been cancelled and I've watched everything on TiVo.

I'm not one who usually goes in for the newer indie bands, because I find most kids who listen to them to be obnoxiously pleased with themselves for having such esoteric taste in music. However, you can hardly blame me for succumbing to this particular group, they are just so... sweet. The Boy Least Likely To is a pop-ish duo from rural England. This is their debut album, and the whole thing is one long string of pretty melodies, the lyrics full of clever rhymes and little neuroses. They use instruments like glockenspiels and banjos, and the whole sound is very child-like and innocent, but with a definite melancholy, fearful twinge. It puts you in a blue-and-yellow place and it is very nice.

I have a huge fan-crush on Niel Cicierega, the sole member of Lemon Demon and Internet personality extraordinaire. Dinosaurchestra is far and away his best album yet. Sometimes it's terribly funny, but at other points it seems pensive and a little sad. The whole thing is clearly thought out, from the perfectly crafted lyrics to the transition of the songs. The boy himself has a certain optomistic, Dumbledore-ish brand of wisdom that I find simulteneously intimidating and endearing, and it just makes the album that much better.

So these are a couple of albums that I find rather enjoyable. You might too, particularly if you are marginally dorky. And if you've got the blues, they both seem to strike that nice dreamy chord, somewhere in there between melancholia and hope. Hm, this post is getting terribly sentimental, not to mention a little wordy... I should just quite while I'm ahead, then.


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