Thursday, February 08, 2007

I Can See For Miles

I'm ending the aforementioned hiatus a little early, mostly because I'm utterly bored with working. Besides, I felt guilty that I had so shamefully left all of the new ready-to-wear unviewed! So let's talk about Proenza Schouler.

Things were mostly done up in soft charcoal grays and whites. In the middle of the show, they incorporated a bright blue taffetta, and after this some wine and pearl gray of the same. Color was used sparingly, but when they used it, it was high impact, and had a most delicious effect. There was a striking mixture of demurely body concious and carelessly baggy, which added interest, substance, and artistry. And the range the show exhibited was astonishing! There was belted fur, delicately beaded slips, chunky knits, tall boots, accordian pleats- all in a succinct 37 looks. To put it quite simply, everything these boys touch turns to awesome.


p.s.- And the cloches! Oh, mon dieu, the cloches! The way the brims sort of shadowed the eyes like that crafted this sort of sultry, film noir wickedness, which was sooo cool, especially with the red lip. I swear I am going to be them when I grow up.

p.p.s.- Their Target line is out this month! Eeee! Life is just fine!


holly said...

i love it all except for that coat. it looks like it's been mad eout of some wierd old curtains

Miss V. said...

Oh my, the coat is rather scary. But other than that the designs are quite nice.

Carissa said...

Oui, I also adored the cloches. In conjuction with Marc Jacobs' wide brimmed hats, headwear is going to be big this fall.