Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Bon Voyage and Go to Hell!

I'm going to be gone to Europe for ten days, everybody! Sadly, for the duration of these ten days, all of your lives will be Lovely-free. You'll have to try to manage without me somehow. Until I return, here are a few pretty items to keep your eyeballs from falling out as a result of loveliness deficiency. It happens, look it up.

Some very glitzy French Sole ballet flats, about $150. Would look great with:

Kimichi & Blue white pencil skirt, $68, which would match nicely with this:

Silk screened tee, Circular Accessories at Etsy.com, $25. On your way out the door, grab this:
Unreasonably price but undeniably perfect Mulberry purse, $895.

There! I have just created a nicely monochromatic ensemble for you to wear, complete with accessories. You're welcome! God, whatever will you people do without me for the next ten days?



daddylikeyblog said...

Have fun! I'm mega jealous. And I love this cyber outfit you've put together for us. God that skirt is cute!

Meg said...

Feeling sorry for celia. Yeah my niece was reading it to me the other day and I sort of 'borrowed' the idea. It was a cute book, if a little depressing at points...for a 10 year old anyway.
I have dreams about the metallic Jil Sander dress

wendy said...

have a great time!! im so jealous!

Marissa said...

I want that scissor shirt.

the tall one said...

Love the cyber outfit!

Carissa said...

Miss you mucho, mademoiselle! And I love the Mulberry purse as well.

Gryphon said...

I love that Kimchi skirt. Reminds me of Wooden Mustache, before the label became ruined with ambition.

Miss V. said...

Ahhh you're leaving! Have lots of fun in Europe!

I love those shoes, by the way.

Isabel said...

Oooh, have a great time and buy lots of cute things!