Sunday, April 08, 2007

Je Suis Retournée

I'm back, and this trip was really was something. There was quite a lot to see, especially in Paris, where I have never been before. I ordered food in French several times, which was fairly mortifying as a result of the waiters' condescension. But alas, such is the cruel and mysterious way of the French. Anyhow, since I am now a cosmopolitan and worldly sort of girl, I shall share with you lowly, lowly plebeians a bit of my newfound European style.

Many British ladies seemed to have a thing for textured stockings. Opaque black is nice, but there is something to be said for a more tactile version of the classic.

There is a nice selection here. In Paris, classic black and white was quite popular, but in the form of patterns, which I quite liked.

Wet Seal

White House Black Market

And absolutely everyone had a nice coat. Nothing like the puffy things worn in America.

French Connection

Urban Outfitters. Finally, some color!

There. Now go forth and be sophisticated, and give the French nothing more to complain about in regards to American style. They do, after all, have a point.


God, it feels good to be back.


Allure said...

I am jealous :)
And don't worry about cruel French waiters, I think, they behave like that with most foreigners.

S. said...

Now you too can speak knowingly about the rudeness of Parisans.

ambika said...

Welcome back.

I'm a fan of the textured tights but not necessarily in lace ( a little too 80s Madonna for me.)

Meg said...

I hate when summer rolls up and wearing tights becomes near to impossible. Summer is the bane of my fashionable existance.

Gryphon said...

I have tights like that! Love the coat.

Emma said...

isn't paris amazing?
where did you go while you were there?

Eliana said...

I love the Urban Outfitters coat. Do you want to exchange links? It's so nice to meet a fellow blogger who shares my appreciation for proper grammar and a varied vocabulary (haha, it's nice to use three dollar words, right?).

Meg said...

Here's to hoping her moment will end soon because she really is dreadful. I actually prefer Jessica Biel to Scarlett though in an ideal world, neither would be acting.

mareGa said...

Oh Europeans!. Love the coat thing. Actually I always wear coats during winter.

Teresa said...

I think, Paris will always be more stylish than Americans. I mean for every stylishly concious person, there are 50 people who wear the UGGS paired with a shredded jean skirt combo that is oh so popular here.

Anonymous said...

I love Paris, but I have to admit, it was a bit tough walking around with people whispering bad things about "les americains." Not that we don't deserve it (not that at all!), but still, hard to listen to that.

Anonymous said...

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