Saturday, April 14, 2007


I am going to have to round up every hypocritical magazine editor in the world if they do not shut their face holes about weight, and then I will burn them all, each at their own individual pyre. (It may be the only way to rid the world of their self righteous 'Letters From the Editor'). I was reading this month's Vogue, allegedly devoted to shape. It kind of pissed me off. Really, how often do you see a plus size model in Vogue? That's right, once a year, in the shape issue. Also, they had Scarlett Johansson on the cover, who is barfably over-publicized. I never want to see her coyly squinty-eyed mug staring up at me from the magazine rack at Target ever again, but that is a rant for another day. Anyhow, it just makes me so annoyed. Everybody needs to quit looking at themselves in the mirror so much. I think if magazines would stop running articles about skinny models, it might make overweight girls feel much less self conscious. Hello, you people, you at the magazines and on the news, you are the ones pointing out the differences in the first place. Sure, girls will notice on their own, but if none of us made such a big deal out of it, maybe the girls wouldn't either. I'm also sick of the new mantra of the masses, "real women have curves". Shut up! Last time I checked, I was a 32 A with no hips to speak of and an annoyingly protuberant sternum, but- gasp! - still a real woman. Why can't every woman be the genuine article even if they don't conform to one set body type? I understand that saying real women have curves is to make curvy women feel good, but should they have to feel superior in order to feel beautiful? It just doesn't make sense, and that's why this whole weight debate is so crazy. If people would stop talking about it so much (not ignore it, just stop discussing it all the time), then perhaps there would not be such a problem anymore. But who am I to say? I know I can't speak for everybody, and I know I'm not really making many points here that haven't been made before. I guess I'm just feeling pissy because I have nothing to do. So if you've actually read this far, maybe you should get a medal for putting up with my histrionics and overuse of italics. Bravo, madam, bravo!


p.s.- Also, is anybody else bored of the tag line, "The Skinny on Weight Gain"? Aren't the magazines even creative anymore? Okay I'm done.


Eliana said...

I totally agree with you about the weight issue. There's no point in making such a big deal about it. There should be a entire month where people stop debating, supporting, or opposing issues related to weight. I wonder what would happen.

Emma said...

it really pisses me off when people act like only one body type is in. eschewing skinny people is just as bad as eschewing fat people, because it's still judging based on body type.
it's like how people think it isn't racist to make stereotypical comments about certain groups of people just because those groups have never traditionally been targeted. it's still racist.

Anonymous said...

Can I please give you a hug or something? You are THE ONLY PERSON ON THE PLANET who has completely agreed with me on that subject.
Good call, Maddy.

La Principessa said...

I totally agree. Furthermore, doesn't Vogue's "shape" issue only cover four shapes? Since when are their only four shapes? This is why I read Bust magazine instead of Vogue.

ambika said...

Yeah, hypocrisy is alive and well.

And magazine titles do suck. They *always* use the same word play. When the sport-inspired look was so big for spring 07, it seemed like every photo shoot was captioned 'Sporty Spice.' Blech.