Thursday, April 19, 2007

A Tale of Romance, Passion, and a Murder Most Foul

I implore you: go watch Corpse Bride, right now. Not that the movie itself is any great shakes (sadly, Tim Burton's losing his touch), but the animation is perfectly stunning. I had forgotten about that. The sets are ispired, the expressions on the puppets' faces finely tuned, but most of all I love the dress of the corpse bride herself. It is just so very pretty to look at, and I marvel at how graceful her movements are, being animated frame by frame. I'm sure the animators used CGI to orchestrate the flow of her veils and things, but even without this, the effect would be breathtaking. It has inspired me. Imagine it: A blue-gray satin brocade bodice, jaggedly seamed to layer upon layer of pearly tulle of uneven lengths. Or maybe a long, uninterrupted length of steely silk, strapless, with closely spaced silver buttons down the back. Hm, if only I was that proficient at sewing... and if only I had a glamorous sort of funeral to go to.

Stop motion animation is a dying art. Computers are kind of kicking it out. This is horrible and must be stopped, for the sake of all that is aesthetically pleasing.



Alison said...

I was so disappointed by that movie- it was so visually gorgeous but the movie itself was just... suckish. Tim Burton, I still believe in you! Don't give up!

-S said...

i find stop motion fascinating. i mean one frame at a time. but polot wise? it was terrible.

Carissa said...

That is the dress I would have recreated if I were going to be married.

Emma said...

weird coincidence, i guess we both have good taste in rings. do you remember where it's from? because somebody left me a comment asking and i had no idea.