Saturday, March 17, 2007

Madeline's Makeup Adventure

I have discovered a miracle, you guys. And this miracle is called Stila Convertible Color. I was browsing around Sephora one day and there was this pretty little compact, the description of which boasted that "This lipstick-and-blush combo will give both your cheeks and mouth a bloom of color!" Skeptical, I swiped some on my cheek, and was met with a glaring smudge of hot pink. I gasped, horrified, and blended like the wind. And, who would've guessed, it looked great! I then hit my friend very hard in demand of her opinion.
"Paige, look! Look at my face!"
"It's okay Maddy, it's still there."
Taking no heed of her annoying sarcasm (she was probably just jealous that she hadn't found the blush first), I proceeded to purchase it immediately. My friend Meagan remarked the next day that I looked lovely and very French. I just flipped my hair and shrugged, saying, "Darling, don't I always?"
So my babysitting money has been squandered yet again thanks to my frivolous shopping habits. The difference this time, however, is that I don't regret it. Seriously you guys? I love this stuff. It makes me feel like one of Renoir's blushing girls. And besides, the case is so pretty. It just feels so distinctly feminine to flip open a pretty compact and check your reflection, doesn't it? Well, anyways, I'm going to shut up now. Bye.


*the pictured shade was not the one I purchased- mine is more of a ridiculously garish hot pink. It is called 'Petunia.' Buy it here.


Emma said...

i too have known the joy of forking over all my babysitting money (and that shit was hard-earned, as little kids seem to have a talent for vomiting on me whenever i'm in the room) to the behemoths behind the sephora counter in exchange for a sweet little compact that makes me feel like the girl with the pearl earring.

Allure said...

I love those! I use a similar one from Bobbi Brown. I find it so useful, because I am very pale, and with that kind of products my face changes completely. But I like Bourjois powder blush too(it smells so good!).

ambika said...

My skin is so sensitive I've never gone for blush. I only *just* started using a foundation/cover up combo so I'm notoriously a lightweight with the make-up. I'm kind of curious about this tho--b/c if I don't like it as a blush, I can always use it as lipstick...