Monday, March 19, 2007

The Tea Partiers' Association

If there is one thing that I have always adored, it is tea parties. I love the girliness, the sense of decorum, and the very tiny sandwiches. It is so much fun to get all dolled up in a wide skirted dress and drink primly out of bone china cups with your equally well-dressed friends. Of course, the sophistication quickly wears off when conversation veers off into the territory of false mustaches and "If you don't stop hitting me, I will kill your dog." But it's still fun.

Etsy has a great collection of very cute tea cups, many of them vintage but most handmade. Don't you love the little vampire on the last one? It would have been perfect for my Halloween tea party.
Anthropologie is stocked with dresses ideal for the teapartier. Look for things with fun patterns, flattering seaming, and scant or nonexistent straps. I like to make my own tea party dresses; if you have the ability to do so, I highly encourage that you do this instead of buying one. It's very rewarding to get compliments on a frock you made, and besides, it'll already be tailored to fit you.
For tea parties, and Springtime in general, I like my nails to be a pinky-nude color. It goes better with the warm weather, and besides, when it chips you don't have to be so pressed to repaint as you would with my usual red or purple. Try OPI Malaysian Mist, it's my favorite.When it comes to footwear for these occasions, pretty much anything goes. I tend to favor either a sky-high wedge like this pair from Delia's, or I just go barefoot, but flats or flip flops can look every bit as lovely with your floaty frock. And you do have a floaty frock, don't you?

Happy partying!



S. said...

I adore tea cups and tea and hanging out in places that serve lovely teas. Who needs coffee, ick.

Tea doesn't do gross things to breath and is so much more civilized.

wendy said...

i loove the first dress from anthropologie.. absolutely adorable!

ambika said...

I'm such a tea-drinker. Though it *is* hard not to discuss pet-murder when imbibing...:D

Allure said...

You gave me an idea, for my next birthday party.

Carissa said...

I recently had a tea party; my dear, they are so fun. The frocks, the china, the scones, the tea.. :)

Meg said...

I love that shade of nail polish, sadly, it's not one I can wear. Tea is nice when made correctly.