Saturday, May 05, 2007

Grace Kelly, Summertime, and Other Things

I have been put in a wonderful mindset of loosely braided hair and floaty skirts as a result of the terribly lovely weather of late, and I am done with that whole school thing. Luckily, Summertime is five weeks away from where I'm standing, so I don't have that long to wait until I can break out the bikini and Rainbows. In my idle dreams of the blessed season, I have imagined the sort of things I might wear if I were to actually dress myself stylishly for Summer, which I don't. However, if I did, I would dress like Grace Kelly on a Tahitian vacation. As far as color is concerned, there would be lots of taupe, rose, mint, rich browns, and charcoal. The fabrics would be canvas and leather, tempered with lots of soft woven cotton. Accessories would be minimal but well chosen, and they would of course all be gold and mother-of-pearl, interspersed with the occasional semi-precious stone, like coral or onyx.

Here are some personal approximations of my Dream Summer Look:

Now, some shots of the shoes, which as we all know are the real stars:

Here are a few things that I think would make nice additions to my Dream Summer Look if I were to pursue it:

Free People, $38:

The delicate sea shell pink will flatter tanned skin, and its effect is only enhanced with intricate chocolate brown embroidery. Perfect for lounging on the patio in the late afternoon, listening to nearby pulse of the surf and quietly reading a book.

Anthropologie, $158:

The terra cotta print on the ivory fabric will be flattered by the yellow light filtered through the palms. The neckline is cunningly sexy; wide, showing a generous amount of shoulder, but not deep enough to reveal more than a hint of cleavage. You will be admired by all passing gentlemen, but float by unaware as you skirt flutters in the sultry zephyr.

Kenneth Jay Lane, $85:
A series of gold disks will swing gently from each earlobe with your every move. They swing forward as you let your hair fall demurely around your face; the disks collide with each other lightly when you throw your head back to laugh; they tinkle quietly as you push your hair behind your ear. Rather an impressive collection of possibilities for one pair of earrings, really.

Too bad I dress like a bum in a bikini throughout the entire summer. Ah, well, I suppose I am just not glamorous enough for this sort of thing. However, if I ever do go on a Tahitian vacation, you can be sure I would wear heels every day.



Emma said...

Christ, could you TRY and have a bad post?
Honestly, all your posts are brill. And I never say "brill" because it makes me sound like an idiot, so you know I mean it.
Grace Kelly on a Tahitian vacation- I always thought Grace would've been more fun if she'd headed to Tahiti, had some sangria and maybe frolicked on the sand a bit with a delicious cabana boy. Not that Rainier III, Prince of Monaco wasn't his own way...

molly said...

wow your clothes are brilliant
you look so put-together but not like youre trying hard

and good point about the story arc...nobodys life does that

Hannah Danger said...

Your shoes steal the show!
Linked you, by the way.
Adn thanks, that coat was just too amazing to pass up. Got to take those wretched shoulder pads out though!

*** MeMiLy EdD *** said...

yeh i stink at wearing heels too.

holly said...

i love the second pair of shoes, very cute!

Geisha said...

The earrings are absoulutely gorgeous! Especially now that I'm starting to wear longer earrings again after my "only pearls" phase. Great post!

Moose on the Loose said...

I love the gold disk earrings. I like your whol Grace-Tahiti vacation look. It's fabulous and I really like your blog. By the way... my name is Maddie too, just spelled differently then you.

Joei said...

anthropologie kills me. really. they're so cool it hurts, and so expensive it hurts more.