Thursday, June 28, 2007

"The Best Things to Happen to Pop Since Glittery Eyeshadow"

There are two pop singers who have taken my attention recently: Mika and Patrick Wolf. I know the latter is quite popular among other blogger-girls like myself, so I had to see what all the hubbub was about, and I must say that I am quite enamored. I was introduced to the former awhile ago by my dear friend Kate, and as far as I can tell, he is being largely ignored. Mika and Patrick Wolf's musical styles are quite similar; lovely and strange and optimistic. In addition to their musical similarities, both of these men also happen to be of quite ambiguous sexuality. This debate is fueled, I'm sure, mostly by their style of music and the accompanying lyrics, but their respective tastes in dress surely have something to do with it as well. Neither Mika nor Mr. Wolf are anything less than dapper, and I am constantly surprised by the creative and interesting things they wear.

They both do the whole suspenders-and-black-pants things so very well, and without looking even remotely silly and hipstery.

Here they are, rocking plaid in rather distinctly different ways. I like Mika's quirky but understated old man style here, with his short pants and shiny boots. Although, I must admit there is something to Mr. Wolf's typical flamboyance. You can't go wrong with a glittery chest.

And, just for fun, we have the ever-important Black and White Looking at the Camera Pictures. You are not a serious musical artist unless you have one of these tucked somewhere into the packaging of your CD.

Did you notice how gorgeous Mika's hair is?
And how excellently Patrick Wolf rocks a sweater vest with his little violin?

Whether either of them is gay or not, it doesn't really matter. I am still in love.



sarissa said...

i hate mika but love the paul smith campaigns! love the blog as well, been reading through old posts- want to exchange links? x

AVA said...

I like Mika, probably just the idea of him in an opera.. but his music is cool too! as is your blog ;) x ava

Bella said...

Ahhh sweater vests....they are my love...and Mika's pretty crazy in a good way...:) you want to switch links possibly :) ?

Blue Floppy Hat said...

They're both singers who make me want to let out big whoops (out- of- character behaviour for me) and do cartwheels (even more out of character than the former)

Hannah Danger said...

You make a good point in your comment on my post, but I ignored it mostly because I was trying to take a look at what everyday women did/do to be fashionable/beautiful. I appreciate your blurbs though =]

Also, I love this post! Mika is my hero, who couldn't love him after listening to Grace Kelly?

Carissa said...

Patrick Wolf trumps, no question. His range is amazing, he's considerably less annoyingly cheery and he's absolutely adorable in interviews. Listen to Empress, he will steal your heart foreverrr.

Shelby said...

Patrick Wolf is leik teh sex, h'omg. Redheads can be hot! Just look at Fred and George! And i would like to do karoke in a dive bar with Mika.

Fiona said...

I don't think that their musical styles are too similar. Patrick Wolf, up until some of the Magic Position stuff, was much darker than Mika ever was.