Monday, June 25, 2007

The Burgundy Platforms

I am so in love with these shoes.Steve Madden "Meeting" pumps, $129.95

Every time I am on the Internet, I can't resist taking a little peek at these. It torments me so, because they are only Steve Madden, after all! I should be able to afford these! I can't help myself from constructing imaginary outfits around them, either. I see them peeking out from under the cuff of my wide-legged khakis, topped off with a tailored black button-down. And, oh, how perfectly they would complement the beige-and-red floral pencil skirt I am getting ready to make! But, alas... it looks like I am either going to be forced to sacrifice my dignity and beg my mommy to pay (like that's going to happen), or I will just have to wait until they go on clearance. Oh, the trials of my life! Sniffle... sniffle...



Carissa said...

You're way too beautiful shoesss
That's why it'll never work
You'll have me suicidal, suicidal
When you say you're too expensive
Damn all these beautiful shoes
They only wanna torture
They'll have you suicidal, suicidal
When they say they're too expensive

SICK. said...

those are beautiful shoes.
if i was a scumbag crusty older man cruisin for chicks, and i saw these shoes i would say:

"are you from tennessee?"
"well no actually, i'm from-"
"cause baby, you're the only ten i see."

and those burgundy bad boys will strut right on out of the room because they're too good for him.

The Stiletto Effect said...

those are beautiful, i had a very similar pair but in brown

fashionistakay said...

Those shoes have no words to describe them. Not quite my style and 130 dollars is outrageous but wow!

Dilemma said...

Those are gorgeous! But waaaay too much for steve maddens that probably squish your feet into several uncomfortable shapes...
Payless will probably have the comfier knockoffs soon anyway!

alexgirl said...

so cute! and very pricey for Steve Madden. I thought Madden shoes were always like $60.
I hope you can get 'em!!!