Thursday, June 21, 2007

Seven Things Strange

As I am sure you all have noticed, I just love talking about myself. That's the point of blogs anyway, right? So naturally, when Felice (who has the cutest name EVER) at Genuine Inspiration tagged me, I simply couldn't resist the opportunity. I must list seven things you didn't know about me. Let's see...

1. I can do some serious damage with a pint of Phish Food. If I'm sick (like now) or have PMS or am upset about something, that stuff is just gone. I know it's such a cliché, "Girls eat ice cream to feel better!" but it really does work for me. I know, I'm a weenie.

2. I have invented a plethora of extremely immature games. My personal favorite is the moustache game, which I invented in fourth grade and is still in common usage amongst my friends and I today. You hold your index finger up to your lip and stare at somebody expectantly for a little while. For some strange reason, they almost always do it back. Not only is this response an anthropological anomaly, it's also an excellent way to entertain yourself during A.P. Earth Science!

3. I have never gotten a detention. Ever. Despite all of my shenanigans and damage to the cafeteria vending machines (I wanted to see if it would take a hundred pennies instead of a dollar! You can't blame me for having scientific pursuits), teachers just love me. The trick is to get yourself pegged as a Good Child early on in life. That way, nearly everything you do will be excused, short of stabbing the janitor or something like that. Which I have never done and I don't plan to, although I suppose you never know.

4. I really wish I had been born in 1880 in Paris. Then, I could've experienced La Belle Epoque! Can you imagine? To have been there, to have been a part of that? I could've been BFFs with all the post-Impressionists, I could've lived in a squalid apartment in Montmartre, I could've been a bohemian revolutionary! Instead, I was born into this craphole of a decade. Sigh. I guess there's an upside. In the future, we have rock and roll music, indoor plumbing, Oreos, Christian Bale, and the Internet. Which are five excellent things. Okay, I'm satisfied. But still.

5. You know those superlative things they have in the year books, where everybody votes to see who is the "Best..." "Most Likely To..." etcetera? I got voted "Best Sense of Humor" along with my buddy Severin. What can I say? The people have spoken, and I am freaking hilarious.

6. Okay, this one is gonna be gross. Are you ready? I don't have armpit hair! Bizarre, I know, but rather nice, especially when wearing a swimsuit or tank top. Maybe it's a side effect of my ten-year-old-boy body.

7. My big brother Bo has Down's Syndrome and I love him to pieces. He's really, really funny, and way more popular than me. At school, I'm mostly addressed thusly: "Hey, aren't you Bo's sister? Tell him I said hi! I love that guy!" I could tell so many stories about Bo, he's so weird, but I will restrict it to a brief list of likes and dislikes. He loves The Simpsons, making fun of our little brother, ketchup, dogs, soda pop, Friends, Ben Stiller, coloring books, telling knock-knock jokes that don't make sense, and flipping people off. (He doesn't do that last one that often anymore because my mom got so mad at him about it, but it was so funny when he did. Honestly.) He hates bread, getting his DVD privileges taken away, when people fight or cry around him, math, and roller coasters.

I'm supposed to tag seven other bloggers to do this, but I don't feel like it. So I'm just leaving an open invitation here... let us know all the strange and embarrassing things about you there are! Or at least seven of them.


Shelby said...

I just saw the name 'Severin" and I had to LOLZ times a billion, because thats the sex slave name in "Venus In Furs" but ah. ben and jerrys, for the win!

young.urban said...

ahh, phish food. it's definitely my weakness.
your blog is awesome!

ambika said...

1) You are so lucky on the armpit thing. Pain. In. the. Ass.

2) I am so trying the moustache trick on my boyfriend this afternoon. I have to see if it works.

Gryphon said...

I can never decide between Phish Food and Cherry Garcia

Felice said...


Alison said...

haha I love your list, the pennies thing made me laugh. A LOT. my mom thought I was having an epileptic episode :P

Carissa said...

You can not imagine how much I envy your lack of armpit hair.

missc said...

Oh god,
I just did the mustache thing to my friend. Why does it work? Why??
Also: I've never experienced B&J's Phish Food. I've been looking for it forever, but Vancouver grocery stores seem to hardly stock it.. I feel deprived.