Thursday, August 09, 2007

Color Block and Underwears

Despite my aversion to most things 80's, color blocking is a trend that has stolen my heart. It's interesting to see one color sitting starkly alongside another, and whether they complement one another or not. Some combinations are very jarring, while others can be subtle and even sophisticated.

I particularly like color blocking in the form of a jersey dress. This one is a lovely combination of buttery yellow with cranberry and magenta, and I like how the stripes flow into the shape of the wrap dress. Oh, and by the way, wrap dresses kick ass always. $58 by Lux (via Urban Outfitters).

I am not a fan of plastic bags. They are bad for the environment, and besides that, unsightly! These nylon grocery totes are not only easier on the Earth than a plastic bag, but they are also much cooler looking. I think I'll buy my mother one of these to replace the ratty old canvas thing she takes to the store. It's falling apart anyway. $28 from Fred Flare.

I'm kind of digging big soft tee shirts, and I am also kind of digging brown and gray. Many people are shocked to find that I actually love this particular color combination- I guess it must be written down somewhere that mixing your neutrals is a minor sin or something. I don't know, I never payed attention in catechism. Anyways, I personally think that neutral mixing is just fine and dandy and employ this particular combination very often myself. I'm not sure precisely how many years this would earn you in purgatory, though, so be warned. $19, American Apparel.

Here are some other things that I just like.

This is a rug that looks like underwear. It is from Fred Flare for $24.

Here is a watch on a chain. I would buy it, but I think I could find it at the junk store for three times cheaper and three times cooler. It's still pretty cool, though. Delia's, $24.50.

Why is Steve Madden so awesome lately? $90.

And.... that's it.



mushroommeadows said...

I like the color combination of grey and brown as well! It's very unusual, and I think almost clashing in a way, but in a cool way.

Teresa said...

I've always loved color block. Ever since I made a color wheel in preschool, I always had a thing for complimentary colors.

alexgirl said...

Hey, thanks for your comment on my blog! I loved my wedding dress too!!

Great post, BTW. I love those nylon bags and the shoes. Tres chic.

Belle said...

I like grey and brown together, i really like that t-shirt. I want those shoes there so cute!

La Principessa said...

Ooh, I love that necklace!

I have a bunch of antique pocket watches that I got off eBay. They're quite a bit bolder than the Delia*s option, but I wear them as necklaces anyway.

fashionistakay said...

That wrap/dress is so original.
great find.
p.s.check out my blog

Isabel said...

Those grocery totes are really fab. I kinda wish they were dresses, too.

ambika said...

Fred Flare is awesome. Love those bags and the underwear is hysterical.

Emma said...

Heh! Rugderwear! I love it.

Anonymous said...

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