Sunday, November 18, 2007

Cute Leg Warmers?

Okay, so generally, I hate leg warmers due to my instinctive distaste for anything remotely associated with 1980s fashion. I firmly stood my ground throughout their '04-'05 revival, and I have avoided direct contact with them for all of my life. However. . . I find my resolve faltering when presented with these.

They just look so very cozy and quirky and adorable. Alas, I just can not resist anything with buttons running up the side, it is a documented fact. But they are not even that 80's looking, are they? Maybe they are not even 80's looking at all? It is a strange new feeling to not be repulsed by a pair of leg warmers. I still am not quite sure whether I am experiencing a brief stint of insanity, and these are not actually very cute after all. I am kind of relieved that they are sold out right now, or else I might be quite tempted to click the "add to cart" button. Sock Dreams, $18.



Cedar said...

Those ARE cute. I really have a fond love of many buttons as well. The one that is not scrunched down doesn't even look like a leg warmer, when it is scrunched it looks slightly more 80's-ish, but with some class!

Blue Floppy Hat said...

It's more like a spat than a legwarmer, IMO. Quite cute.

Joy said...

Those are awesome! I just bought some irresistible brown marled yarn that I've been wondering what to do with, and I think this may be divine inspiration. What a great find :)

molly said...

ooooh imagine...its snowing and curling up in front of the fire in those

ahhh winter orgasm!

Hannah Danger said...

I neeeeeeeed those legwarmers.... genuis post.

Blaze said...

Love them!! :) And a good price too! I saw some great mustard yellow ones at Target if you are interested.... Very cute find!

Meg said...

Hello legwarmers! They're also in a really nice marl, oh! another thing I want/need.

Re: Thanks! It seems to take time to load though, and the music is now annoying me, changes again methinks.

Isabel said...

My God, those are adorable.

Meg said...

You seem to be pretty good with handicrafts, I reckon if you could probably make them yourself. And if you do, do share!

Tom said...

They remind me very much of putties- sockish things used by the russian and german armies. These can be the legwear of the stylish-girl army

Sally Jane said...

These are completely adorable. Isn't Sock Dreams the best?

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