Sunday, November 04, 2007

This Post Contains 0% Fashion. Sorry.

I haven't had a lot of time to type in the past month or so. Sorry sorry to the three people who care. I don't have any fashiony things to discuss, but here are some pretty noises:

Take Me Out to Kun-Ding Tonight

This is by a little-known YouTube girl named Joanna Wang. I like her, even if her YouTube profile annoys the crap out of me. (Why won't you properly capitalize your sentances? Does your keyboard not come equipped with a Shift button, Joanna Wang? ) She does lots of covers, but I like her original songs better. This one makes me feel all bubbly, like how you feel when you like a boy.


This is by some cat named Jape. I hadn't heard of him until a couple weeks ago. Be warned- the tune is very sticky in your head.

I have been having a pleasant little while. There was a post-Halloween party at my house on Friday night, during which we watched Hocus Pocus, bootleg DVDs of Are You Afraid of the Dark, ate Reeses Cups, talked about what it was like in middle school, and had a generally silly time. I plan to do it again soon. I love parties. Here are some other things I love:

- Chai tea lattes. Why did nobody tell me about the magical effects of these sooner? The creamy spicy perfection of these concoctions puts me into some kind of fugue, during which I can do my Algebra II homework without even noticing it.

-Cold weather. Yes! Yes! And also Yes! Bring on the socks, and the sweaters, and the cable knit, and oh, all of the navy blue, marroon, and rust colors that my little heart desires! I love Fall, you guys.

-Dumb websites. Including but not limited to: Cute with Chris, White Ninja Comics, Waverly Films.

Okay, sorry about the serious lack of fashion content here, but I am one busy sophomore. And in between getting real-life dressed, being annoyed by my French teacher, and wasting my time on the Interweb, it's hard to work fashion dreaming into my schedule. But I solemnly swear to try harder.



Joy said...

I love the fall weather clothes too! I keep seeing these red cableknit sweaters in stores, and have to sigh and put them down, because I don't *need* another red cableknit sweater in addition to the four I already have (but this one's different! It has a hood! And it's a slightly different shade of red!)

But I do not the fall weather actual weather. The cloudy coldish windy days. I'm good with the sunny, 70 degrees, look at all the beautiful leaves fall days though :)

mushroommeadows said...

No fashion? waah. But I understand; you're busy. :)

molly said...

hey i enjoyed reading a post with zero fashion showed another side of you
a side thats rad!

Blaze said...

Hi! Joanna Wang is quite amazing! Thank you for sharing! (oh and I love Elsita from Etsy too! Her work is exquisite!)

Emma said...

Love Joanna Wang.